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Is it possible to compress and export songs from Logic Express 9?

I'm thinking of buying Logic Express 9. 've uploaded some trials of different programs such as Ableton Live 8 and the reaper. Recently I learned that after the completion of projects in the project Current can be compressed and exported … reproduced only in logic. Is this a misunderstanding? Any additional information quality recording software, especially for guitar + voice would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

That's the problem with most music software. You can enjoy a trial of them to verify the functionality, but for a real index on that, you have to pay. There are so many options there, of course. Personally, I can do the same thing as you over time, and record my own group. But if you're looking to do a multiple Basic walk to the lower end products of labor, free software like Audacity to do the trick too. Not much more than you can go here, but I have a site dedicated to the domestic production of music that might be useful. There are sections devoted to different types of recording software and which one to choose. Personally I use FL Studio and Sony Acid Pro, but they are very expensive. Check it out, see if it helps at all.

play guitar express