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learn to play guitar clips

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"I can play the guitar with long fingernails?

I really want to start guitar lessons, but I heard that nails can not be long. Mine are what I call "inch nails long, and took great pride in them and paint a large number of drawings complex, but I want to play the guitar. Should I clip or is there a way to learn to play with long fingernails? If it means something, I play the cello and I very well with long fingernails. At first I was a little busy, but not anymore because I learned to play with long fingernails, and never on the road or make the most buzz. I'll be able to do the same with the guitar? Also, sometimes I pull the strings a bit, but I do not know the songs, and if I put my finger on the problem which is a kind of down, my nails do not look at the road, but this can cause problems?

The guitar is the best player with 1 / 4 or 1 / 8 inch nails. I had cut. I played the guitar for almost 4 years, and I suggest you clippping. If you want to keep long nails, while the lead guitar see acrillic, or false when they play. You can get false nails to Walgreens, any convenience store, drugstore CVS and dollar stores. Hope this helps! EDIT: Or can we "trade" of his selection for the nails, and scrape with your 1 / 2 inch long nails on your finger. EDIT: all measures with measures of nail fingers.

learn to play guitar clips

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