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learn guitar harmonics
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How to get rid of the electric guitar solo natural reverberation?

I'm new to electric guitar and learning were quickly and have fun. A problem that does not know how to fix it if I played with a distorted guitar solo. After a few notes, the reverberation natural clouds the sound of guitar and vocals sounding harmonics. What do I get rid of all these sounds!

when you play with lots of distortion and volume, the guitar began to eat again if you let it ring. What you need to do is practice for depreciation of ropes, with both the palm picking hand near the bridge, and the fingers of wear parts. Not as much as palm muting, but enough to keep calm. It will not be easy at first, but after a while it becomes second nature. If you like playing with the amp wide handle, you can look in protection against noise to block other outside.

learn guitar harmonics