Learn to Play Bass Fast

Learn to Play Bass FastIf you are looking at possible learning how to play a musical instrument then there is a good chance that you might settle on a type of guitar. So in order to help you out with this a bit here are a few tips on how you can learn to play bass which is one of the options that shall be available to you.

The first thing you need to do is go to a music shop and try out a few guitars and see what shape and size actually feels the best on you. In order to get the most out of it your guitar should sit quite comfortably on you as then you can actually practice more since it is not going to hurt your shoulders or arms.

Always use a guitar strap and then learn how to actually hold the guitar right because having it in the wrong position can then lead to picking up some bad habits. This is because if you are not positioned right then you are going to start playing notes in the wrong manner and this leads to several adjustments having to be made by your teacher.

It is best to find a good music teacher that specialises in this type of guitar as it is more about the beat of the music. You have to really feel the music and it does involve learning notes instead of chords.

Your teacher should take you through the various notes and once those are mastered you can then move on to things such as fretting which leads to creating a different tone. Playing a note on this type of guitar without fretting is referred to as playing it open so you can see how although it only has four strings it is capable of producing a variety of sounds.

This means that you really need to practice your scales probably a lot more than other guitars as with those it is all about moving from one chord to another. There is a greater sense of repetition in learning this instrument but when you are trying to pick it up always make sure you do a variety of things to maintain your interest.

Do not however move on to more advanced things until you have completely mastered the basics as this is only going to lead to causing you problems and getting confused and can actually hamper your progress. It can often be difficult to pick up this instrument as quickly as you can with others as it does require more patience in order to become competent at it which is one reason why it is nowhere near as popular.

So if you wish to learn to play bass you really do need patience and to practice a lot in order to master it over time. Repeating your scales and the various notes is essential to becoming better but just remember to really feel the music and feel the beat as this is where you get your timing from.

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