Learn Guitar Fast – Strums in a Dash

Learn Guitar Fast - Strums in a DashThere are several things you can do to learn guitar fast as some people do not wish to spend months or years trying to be able to play a variety of songs. It does have to be said though that not everybody shall manage to achieve this but there is no doubt that if you have a natural gift or ability to pick up new things quickly then you can be playing recognisable songs within days.

The first thing that you need to do is work out which type of guitar it is that you actually want to learn as there are several out there and you may discover that there are different things you would then need to work on. It should also be noted that you cannot just rely on a teacher for this as they do tend to take things a bit slower and build your ability over time so you therefore have to look at other resources.

Once you know the type you are wanting to try and play you are best to visit a music shop and try out a few guitars until you get the size and style that suits you best of all. You shall pick it up quicker if it feels more comfortable on you so do get the advice from someone in the shop as a key to learning faster is having everything ready before you even start strumming.

You are then best to do some research into which chords are actually the most common and these are called master chords. By learning how to play these and move between them it then becomes easier to pick up the lesser ones and your playing shall improve quicker as a result.

Do consider looking on the internet and spend some time watching videos and picking up pieces of advice regarding the basics and even make some notes to read over later. This can help you to work out some kind of plan to get you started and then follow it by copying what they are doing online but just make sure you search for basics and do not try anything more complicated until you have mastered the simpler things.

It is obviously going to be very important to sit down and really practice as much as you can so set aside a weekend where you do nothing else but play. Your fingers will get sore due to not normally being used in that way so you will need breaks but they will strengthen meaning you can play for longer and pick it up quicker as a result.

Do not just sit and do the same thing over and over again as there is no way you shall progress but instead look at trying to do several variations. This does mean you are less likely to get frustrated or bored and if you can then play a series of different chords quite quickly then it shall boost your confidence in your ability to then start learning other things.

So the main thing for trying to learn guitar fast is to master the basics and practice as much as you can from the very start. Be prepared before you even begin and know the chords you should focus on at first and then do not move to something else until you can do these basics without any problems and you shall progress quite quickly.

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