Learn Blues Guitar – Putting the Rhythm on the Blues

Learn Blues Guitar - Putting the Rhythm on the BluesIf you have always wanted to learn blues guitar but were too afraid to admit that you are a novice, then you might not realize just how exciting and satisfying it can be when you take up a new musical instrument. Kids and adults can begin their musical learning either on blues guitar or violin lessons.

You should have a basic knowledge of the chords on the blues guitar such as D, A, E and so on. You also have to get familiarized with reading tablatures. This will help you learn different techniques in this type of music and you will be able to read tabs easily when playing songs.

As well as mastering the rhythm, you should also master the blues scales, especially if you wish to play solo and it will give the instrument an authentic sound. There are other solo playing techniques you can try such as vibrato, string bending and slides.

Another important factor to remember when playing solo is to learn licks. These are sets of notes that express a single expression as your base and can be added with other notes to create a unique style. Once you start listening to other musicians, you will get a better idea how to create your own style.

If you are not sure how to start learning to play your favorite instrument, it is advisable to log onto the internet and find video tutorials that guide you step by step on how to play with easy methods. You can also purchase books with similar information as online tutorials. However, it is best not to spend too much money on reading materials as practicing on the instrument is by far the best way of learning quickly and effectively.

Every instrument comes in different sizes, so it is important to rent or buy the correct size in order to feel at ease. Adult learners experience unique challenges when seeking to play a musical instrument. Make sure you do not let your family or work commitments get in the way of practice and do not be afraid of asking questions from an experienced blues guitarist. If possible, listen to them at a live performance in order to become better familiarized with different chords and melodies.

The melodies consist of a 5 note scale, and if you learn this scale and improvise the chords, you will be able to play any song solo. It is amazing how people can play rock, pop or jazz music just by mastering the pentatonic scale.

To experience the best of playing this type of instrument, you should understand the 3 rhythms that define blues music. These three rhythms are known as straight, shuffle and twelve to eight feel. In straight feel, the rhythm is spaced equally apart and in shuffle feel, it is divided into 2 unequal halves, giving it a jazzy rhythmic sound. Twelve to eight feel means playing 3 notes in a normal time for 2 notes.

Over the years, there have been newly discovered methods of learning that can significantly reduce the time it takes to master blues guitar. With the right instructions and lots of practice, you can enjoy your progress and before you know it, you are not only playing this type of music but also singing it too.

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