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the guitar players repair guide
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Travel Newfoundland: St. Johns, Newfoundland

We recognized another point on which we were told in Quidi Vidi Lake, on the eastern edge of town. It are many houses trailers parked here next week in anticipation of sailing on the lake. Every other day human skulls, 4 +1 6 +1 s practiced for the competition coming weeks. A walking path around the lake and is a popular spot for residents. San Juan is known for its network of hiking trails. Since the track four Quidi Vidi other branch in the rest of the city.

We took a walk through the eastern part of the city. This is where many wealthy built their homes after many fires in the 19 th century, which destroyed the lower part of the spring in the city. Many houses are in the Queen Anne style Empire and, later, Victoria thrown in for good measure.

The tour took us to the Colonial House, which held the legislature and the Supreme Court in the country of Newfoundland from 1850 to 1959. Moved, then the Confederation Building. The building now houses the Provincial Archives.

We crossed the street and were invited to attend a garden party at Government House the home of Lieutenant-Governor of the province. We went the delegation of the estimate of Illinois. The Royal Regiment of fever and the Battalion of the Royal Society-Second Artillery 27th Regiment were present in this style. The fife and drum corps has been increased by the actual provincial military group that has played in the evening. Tea, lemonade and biscuits were served to all guests.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Led Signal Hill, overlooking the harbor and the sea We look interpretive center exhibits, which trace the history of the area in front of John Cabot at the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1917, which had lost almost a generation of young people of Newfoundland in a day.

At 11:00 the tattoo was a recreation of 1795 of traditional military activities conducted by the Newfoundland Regiment Royal Society of fever and 27 to 2 Battalion Royal Regiment of Artillery. Composed of students from the body Preparatory is composed of drum and whistle band Infantry Regiment and the artillery regiment. Demonstrate the effects of motion exercises that were used in combat, firing rifles in various configurations, and use the shell and the barrel in the battle. The exercise was very informative and entertaining.

Speaking to the historian of the group after the show he called on Germans and War World. He said it was a possibility. Many ships were sunk in the North Atlantic and the bodies were washed up on the shore along the coast. Among the bodies or parts thereof, would have been a number of German sailors. Because their identity was unknown to the citizens that services and give them a Christian burial. It is certainly a plausible explanation and is still a wonderful example of the hospitality of Newfoundland.

At 2:00 we had to go around Signal Hill. We went to Johnson GeoCenter, right on the hill. Built on the hill, the exhibitions are underground to reveal the real rock of Signal Hill. Some of the world's oldest rocks found in Labrador. exposure practice is a rock about 4 billion years. We had to leave early because our tour event, but returned later to complete the exhibits.

Beacon Hill, he met Billy, our guide storage. Only two of us we were on tour, although many others were on the hill too. He showed us around the hill for over an hour and a half. Signal Hill was used for several purposes, barracks, hospital, prison, etc. Its main use is for the marking of ships entering the port. The signal was sent from Cape Spear, the easternmost point of America North, raising the colors of the ship. This was then seen by traders and residents of the city preparing for the ship. In 1901, Marconi sent and received the first transatlantic wireless signal from Europe, a series of three points. He used an antenna connected to a comet. Cable companies are not too happy with his achievement, for he had left the transatlantic cable at great expense. How did was shown twenty years later, signal bounce off the ionosphere. This communication has changed forever and helped the maritime communications.

Queen Victoria laid the foundation Stone Tower Cabot 1897, the 400th anniversary of its discovery. An interesting fact is that the Basilica of San Juan Bautista towers line the narrow harbor entrance San Juan. By coating the masts of a series of lamps in the tower, the ships may sail through the Strait without incident. This was up Recently, when the Strait is dredged to provide access. During the Second World War, a large net was hung in the Strait of Fort Amherst Signal Hill keep German submarines and protect shipping from San Juan. The Germans, however, has retained many ship captains who sailed from Bell Island, blank. They were familiar with the waters and the dangers in the region. While they were able to bypass the network.

Friday August 1, 2003

"Some Laundry needed on the street and Merry Meet other tasks today. Meeting Street has been good so called because it is at the top of the hill overlooking the harbor. People come together to discuss and watch the boats entering the harbor.

We willing to stay in Lake Quidi Vidi until next Thursday to see the longest sporting event in North America, the 185th consecutive Saint-Jean-Royal Regatta. From dawn to dusk, the teams played. We are looking forward to the race.

Night, we walked to the park Bannerman, the site of St. John's Folk Festival, which began today and continues throughout the order week. Also on the operation of this weekend is the George Street Festival, which runs through Tuesday night. The groups here over a rock rhythm.

Hello again for the third tranche.

On Saturday, August 2, 2003 took a walking tour of the most original buildings in Old San Juan were destroyed by massive fires in 1846 and 1892. The streets instead of port by a steep hill, typical of port cities. Atop is Happy Hill Meeting Street, where young people gather and yet keep an eye out for any vessel entering the port. Two of the many boats moored at the port today to a luxury cruise ship with French a passenger list of only four people, whose itinerary was the Arctic Circle and natural sites there. The other ship was a Russian trawler in the port of engine repairs. They have been there for over a month. Learn how Newfoundland on foreign vessels destruction plant in Grand Banks fishing, the boat could be there for several months. The crew did not seem too upset, sunbathing on deck.

Walked George Street, home of George Street Music Festival. The street is a pub crawler's paradise. Almost all properties in the street is a bar, many Celtic names. The Food is also available, but nothing else that night entertainment. He entered the Anglican Cathedral, to survive outside fire, but the interior is gutted. Its small museum of artifacts from the fire, including the keys to the church bent, charred beams and church mummified mouse (actually a rat). Services are of the variety of high Church, Matins place before the Eucharist and Vespers (Evening prayer) everyday Solemn Vespers and Sunday. They have a picture in the museum crew worked on repairs to the cathedral. One man was killed during the project. Mysteriously appears as a photo of a person of transparency. You can see the rest of the background through it: a ghostly specter. Over 50 community members who died cathedral in the world wars were also honored with a plaque near the altar.

He drove through the park in the English Gardens Bowring. A wedding was taking that day. The park contains statues, including a replica of Peter Pan and a man devoted to the fight against Newfoundland. Waterfalls and winding paths that bucolic coordination point for the community.

After a nap, we met our friends Andrew and Pamela and went to George Street Festival. Most bands have been executed plant. The headliners were high Holy Days of Thunder Bay, ON and Mother Earth, a group of people who take their name the country. The crowd disperses Mother Earth until she appeared on stage. Of all the people came to the square, at least five thousand men. The singer was in San Juan and was returning home to the local hero. heavy rock was accompanied by a sound and light show. The crowd was really in music, mosh pit. The singer even came hole in one of his songs and raised above. He was not in fear of injury, because they were his friends.

After the concert, about 5.00 to 11.00 on more populated in the many pubs in the street. The celebration continued. Day will continue for three nights. We intend to be there Tuesday night for the kitchen party.

If the ice cream at the famous Moo Moos.

Monday, August 4, 2003

We treat celebrities Ches Fi and Chi (fish and chips). The were good, but not as good as the Coffee Fishermen welcome to Rose Blanche. (Luckily not as heavy or part.)

We visited the brewery Quidi Vidi. A tour had just left. We have labels Don, our master brewer and its products. At Christmas, there is a Mummers Ale, in those who put orange peels, cloves and other spices in the wort, which gives it a special flavor. A Mummer is a British tradition during the twelve days of Christmas where people dress in costumes and masks. Go from house to house to fill their jugs of beer after entertaining guests and try to guess his identity in Philadelphia PA pampering parade is an annual event on the day of New Year's.

On the way, the Quidi Vidi Battery, built by the French when they attacked San Juan seven days of the war. Is very small, but well protected cove Quidi Vidi an attack from the sea

Virginia raised the River Trail, two miles in each direction. The trail along the river, Virginia, as it cascades down from the hill on which Fort Pepperrell was built in the Second World War for Americans. Now called Pleasantville. Texas has developed a strong and left its mark: the streets are the outline of a ten-gallon hat and have names like Churchill and Roosevelt.

We went to George Street. Tonight is going to cry, Newfoundland ie.become tax. Birdie is what you do after drinking the last drop of dark rum from molasses in the old days. After a month here, we feel the blood flowing in our veins in the island. At the Museum Trapper John and Bars were well taken shouted chirp (rum Newfoundland right, embraced the puffins, or cod, and repeated the promise.

Now we can enjoy the cuisine of the Parties. A kitchen party is a tradition of Newfoundland, where everything is allowed, as in the kitchen at home. Tonight was the night of Newfoundland and Celtic. Some of these groups were Banshee Royal Newfoundland six policemen, and Celtic, where men wore loincloths and the girl was pants violinist. She really started to get halfway through the music overall. Then came the Mariners, who had heard earlier. The headliners were Shanneyganock the crowd going with his Newfie and Celtic songs and rhythms of the musician, drummer, bass and rhythm guitar Squeeze Box player. More people were in the kitchen at the concert on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Today is a beautiful sunny day for the functioning of the 185th consecutive race in San Juan. It is the only major festival made between a prison and a cemetery. Reservoirs, namely, ships, are the ancient Britons with fixed seating, unlike the Olympics since the shell is sitting with his legs. It twenty qualifying races, of course men rowing 2.450 km, turning around a buoy, then back to the finish line. Most do it in less than ten minutes. Women do a year and a half in less than six minutes. OZFM this year, a local radio station of the women's team won again. It sets a new record under 5:00 minutes. Newfoundland Power has won the men's competition.

Competition not only on racing. This is a festival. At least 50,000 people gathered around the lake, visit the concession stands, eating its way along the runway and wait for children to play on different circuits. The atmosphere was filled with joy. Bands played, crowds were standing or sitting in banks by encouraging their favorite teams, tailgate parties and dinners were established model. A model for the dinner is a dinner of the New England grid. It consists of beef or salt pork and various vegetables are thrown into the pot, make a good stew.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

I woke up this morning and most parking is allowed, a different view of yesterday. Spend too have enjoyed our stay San Juan. Will we change? The answer is "Yes" one day, this time in less than 40 years.

the guitar players repair guide