How To Play Guitar Sleepwalk

how to play guitar sleepwalk
Sleepwalk Guitar Lesson (Simple!) by Uncle Raggy

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How can I get a lot to keep it out of my guitar?

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. Then the right amp and a good amplifier configuration to solve all the problems of maintaining the independence of what the guitar is? I have a 15W amp at low prices that comes with access to the package. Also run the guitar through my pattern x keyboard that acts as an amplifier with a wide variety of options, but still can not get decent help (maybe I'm not choosing the right settings). I try to play Sleepwalk by Joe Satrana and sustainability are not even close to what I expected.

OK Joe Satriani plays a fat guitar neck, so do not let this guy said that only the neck supported by guitars. Another thing is your amp, you get more sustainable if the amp a bit more power, but if you have a "delay" in its effect amplifier you use, play with it a bit, giving more sustainable. Reverb will help you a bit =] have a guitar very well, taking into account the effects of amplifier law have good support. As noted, however, the type of wood the guitar is made, the channels you use, the metal bridge and the pads make a world of difference in support. But as I said, just play with the delay and reverb in your amp a bit =] Hope this helped.

how to play guitar sleepwalk