Learn Guitar Philippines

learn guitar philippines
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Can you suggest some things I can do?

I have a lot of time now and I'm not going to school because we are waiting for a visa to Canada. I have English classes, courses in Photoshop and I learn to play the flute and the guitar too. Driving course is one, but my mother says he will take courses in Canada. I have about a month or two on the road. What I can learn things advantage here for me when I go to Canada? I like to learn something here? By the way I'm 17 and I live here in the Philippines

Some suggestions: Take a shovel snow classes. Buy a lot of moisturizer cheap but effective for dry skin in cold weather. Join Igloo Building 101. Create a blog (tumblr, blogspot) / vlog (on youtube) to document their journey in Canada, is so popular on the Internet and receive $ $ $ for your e-reputation. Start making a resume for when you arrive here and want to find a job. You just enjoy your time in the Philippines and climate, as it will be very different Canada.

learn guitar philippines