Hear And Play Guitar Dvd

hear and play guitar dvd
Hear and Play Jazz 201: Things To Remember When Playing In Melodic Minor

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How long before I can play metal like disturbed on my electric guitar?

I had my guitar for a year, but perhaps April 3 weeks I started to play around him. Dvd practice that the practice almost every day for 1-2 hours per day. So far I can play Jingle Bells Little things like when the saints go marching in, uh Amazing Grace, things like that. Every day I try to learn another new song. So how long any of you believes it will be before he can really play metal? I really want to play Down with the sickness. As si me crazy whenever I hear this song I can not play again. Also, I am learning to read musical notes from the DVD, too. If this made a differnce.

it should not be long. disorders not hard riffs.

hear and play guitar dvd