Funk Guitar Lessons

funk guitar lessons
Funk guitar lesson in style of John Frusciante Chili Peppers

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Do you think you could get decent if they practiced piano three hours a day this summer?

Do you think it could be decent enough to play piano / keyboards in the band I am now, I am rhythm guitarist, but our drummer really wants to play guitar on some songs for me to excel in them playing the piano. I was about three months during a winter garden, you can play music (but not more something to read to learn melodies and armor, can not really read the view and forget the key of F), and has 10 years experience in the guitar .. Our style is progressive rock / metal funk nothing / we want to, I'm not talking about anything complicated, like jazz or classical improvisation, recitals, only decent to play in a band. I know how a certain form and you can play chords and half of the ladder in the circle of 5ths. Think would be pretty decent September, when everyone will be owned together in the same house together in college? Thank you

yes you can and there many great videos on youtube! I'll start doing tutorials for strings and the scales on the keyboard, you can go

funk guitar lessons

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