Play Guitar Essay

play guitar essay
Jack Marshall – Essay for guitar and orchestra (3/3)

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assist in the composition of the French language! I must write an essay about how I spent my summer vacation pls translate.?

During my summer vacation this year, my family and I went to Goa (a coastal region of India) for a holiday. We we left by train Lima and arrived in Goa, the next day. Goa is a beautiful city near the coast and you can see the sunset on the beach. I stayed in my uncles house where he had lots of fun. We did a lot of interest. We visited the Basilica of Bom Jesus, where the remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept. We saw the castle of the princes of Goa. After one week we returned to Bangalore was a pleasant experience. I also took some of my hobbies over the summer – I learned to play guitar and learned something photography. I saw a lot of television. It was a magnificent feast, I will never forget. A correct translation getss best points. Thank you. Good day!

During Summer Holidays months, cette annĂ©e, my family and myself went to Goa (A Coastal region of India) for a holiday. Did we train Leash Bangalore Goa and other Met the next day. Goa is a beautiful city, near the coast and in May to see the sunset on the beach. I'm staying home uncles month Where I had a lot of fun. Have we many DONE visits. Did we visited the Basilica of Bom Jesus where the preserved remains of saints are Francis Xavier. We saw the old fortress originally Leaders Goa. After we're joined Week returns to Bangalore, he joined an experiment Summer Belle. J'Ai aussi prison time to pass some courses Summer vacation months – APPRI J'Ai Playing guitar and some photography TBI. I MUCH watching television. It a wonderful summer vacation, I will never forget.

play guitar essay