Learn Bluegrass Guitar

learn bluegrass guitar
Ray Legere Bluegrass guitar solo – “Ready To Jam” CD

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I want to learn to play bluegrass?

I'll buy a bluegrass banjo and it meant I want to learn to play bluegrass music badass. I always thought that bluegrass music was bad ass and now is the moment you start playing. Is it easy to learn because never in my life played a banjo or guitar so yes there are sites that taught me how to play bluegrass as a professional.

Make sure you get five-string banjo with a resonator. Deering Good Time is a model of Great beginner bluegrass banjo. Private lessons are always the best way forward. However, seniors have 91 different instructional videos for bluegrass banjo: http://www.elderly.com/videos/cats/923.htm … and 181 different books: http://www.elderly.com/books/cats/230.htm is a good place to start. Good luck!

learn bluegrass guitar