Blues Guitar Jam Tracks

blues guitar jam tracks
Blues Guitar Backing Track in Bm (B minor)

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All tips on improvisation guitar?

Hey, I play the guitar for several years. Although I did not take courses I learned a lot of strings, rhythms and songs. I love the guitar and play for hours a day. But it is only recently that this really will begin to learn to improvise. I really like Jimi Hendrix and I learned a few songs like Little Wing and Castles Made of Sand. Most importantly, it made me want to improvise, it's my love Grateful Dead. I know there are many ways to go learn how to improvise and create riffs. I tried to learn the scales and I also tried using only my ears and play with songs. Until now, all I have really been able to do is to use ladders to go with blues backing tracks with a single key. I'm asking is, has anyone advice on how to go about it or something to share their experiences? Where do I start? Sorry this description is a bit long. Many thank you in advance:)

This is the approach of a jazz musician, but should result in the rock and other styles: You made the first step is learning the blues scales. MELODY: The next step is to look the melody and how to play in the same area of the height in the scale of what has been playing the blues. This way, you can set melodies in his improvisations. METHODS: The following should learn something called modes. These are the scales of the major scale. There are 8 modes, each of a different note of the scale. For example, D Dorian scale begins at D and has all the notes of a C major scale (D, E, F, G, A, B, C). To cover these modes are 5 basic fingerings for the scales that cover all channels. For example, type D Dorian has the following notes on Handle: E |—- 8 – 10 – 12 — B |—– 9 —— G |—- 10-12 – 10-12 — D | – 9 – 10-12 —– A |—– 8-10 – 12 – – E | – 8 – 10-12 —– You play frets 8 and 9 with the index, 10 with his average of 11 to his ring, and 12-13 with his little finger (this is called the ninth place, because your index finger focuses on the ninth fret). To play a D Dorian range, starting on the 6th string, 10 frets. You can play a C major, if you started at the 8th fret or E Phrygian (fridge-ian) scale if they started the 12 days (confusing I know). When you look at the chords of a song, to know that each key of a song is in the majority of rock songs stand on a key, but most jazz songs jump from key to key. To each change of key, playing the scale. You can also experiment with colors that are not part of the scale, but it sounds good. Triads and chords: For a better overview of the chords of a song, you know what notes are in each row and try to reproduce the lowest notes often, or play ascending or descending sequences of notes belonging to an agreement (called an arpeggio). Triads are the three basic notes of agreement, which is in the early grades, third, fifth and on the scale that matches the string. It can be very useful to know how to play triads major and minor on the fretboard. A basic example is the triad of D minor that could be played to accompany the D Dorian scale: E |——- B |——- G |——- D | – -9 — A | — 10 – E | — 12 – You can play all the notes played simultaneously or sequentially or approaching from different grades of scale. For the rock, can have a sense that you learn about chords and triads before game modes

blues guitar jam tracks