Guitar Players Nails

guitar players nails
Nail Tutorial for Guitar Players – Silk & Glue Homemade Compound

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Hey Guitar Hero III players, can you recommend exercises that I could hand to songs like TtFaF?

In "Through the Fire and Flames (Expert), I'm finally past the introduction to keytar more than half the time. I can nail the right just after and maintain the collection of some stars on the road, usually the leg mark somewhere after 40%, but never the same, I still have the leg in a manner different. My most distant so far is 69%. Probably could use more practice with the parts that lead alone and lonely but can anyone recommend a good warm up and exercises to keep hands in good condition? I had not played in recent weeks, after have played "Impulse" I was right on TtFaF. I could handle, but my hands quickly locked on me, so I stopped to night. I sleep well at night and try again in the morning, but again, any advice you might have, please share. Thank you. Oh, and keep it clean. Games and sexual innuendos go together, but there are children around. : P

Honestly, as a violinist, I suggest investing in a Gripmaster. This is a portable spring with 6 buttons – 5 fingers and a big step for the palm of your hand – and it's great to work on your hand and finger strength and flexibility and all that. Edit: Also, if you want to play with your hands, it's great to play with. Why not work out of your hands while playing, right? So yes. Take a look.

guitar players nails