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free guitar play along tabs
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Guitarist looking to learn the mandolin. What are the main differences?

Hello, I play the guitar for a year and a half and I love that! The only problem I have is that I can not lug my big guitar around the world to play when I have free time on the road or the house of my grandmother or something. I recently became interested in mandolins and admire its size and brightness. I guess that bringing a mandolin places would not like me much trouble and I do not weigh much more than if I took him on a leash. My concern is that my main interest lies in music of the Beatles songs, and mandolin tab is very difficult to find online. guitar tablature can somehow be transferred mandolin, or would have to reach each new tab? Is this the mandolin very different from the guitar? And finally, is it worth for me to buy a mandolin? Thank you in advance!

The mandolin is an instrument very cool but it is different from the guitar. He is attentive "backwards" guitar. The 4 strings a guitar are (in descending order) E1, B2, G3, D4, but the mandolin strings are (in descending order) E, A, D, G, and is one octave higher than the guitar. It's the same chord of a violin and it is possible to use arrangements of mandolin violin music. The best way to learn is to buy a mandolin book basic chords or even a string mandolin database table. I have a small chord chart pasted inside top of my mandolin cases. Since I play the guitar for decades is quite easy for me to play most songs simply using the mandolin and agreements after progression. You can also use this method and the corresponding agreement to play the mandolin, where the guitar chord is. Since strings are doubled on the mandolin a lot more tension in a guitar that will make your finger and the pain of calluses build can actually buy a decent mandolin not too expensive, just ask your music store or musicians friend The mandolin is an acoustic instrument so you might consider getting a first acoustic guitar to help with your game

free guitar play along tabs