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pedal steel guitar learning dvd

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How to connect a guitar or bass on a computer

All cities around the world have one or two fully dedicated aspiring guitarists and bassists. These disciplined people spend countless hours improving their craft. Their local musician community is made up of a small group of dedicated people and fewer people with divergent tastes in music. For the passionate musician, sometimes it can be frustrating. Guitarists and bassists dedicated to these communities have often exceeded the capacity of local teachers, and thus following their own musical heroes. Although books guitar tablature and guitar lesson DVDs help trial and error becomes the main method.

If you are such a person, not a musician resource that can be overlooked: the Internet. Now, please do not misunderstand. I know you heard of the Internet. You use Internet every day and you have probably found countless guitar tab sites, guitar lesson sites, band classified sites, etc.. Taught widely on the Internet. His eyes were found on the Internet but your music?

By connecting the camera to your computer, it connects to the music with the rest of the community in the world of musicians. There, on the Internet, unlike his home town, lots of people like you who want to listen to your music. They are as dedicated as you are in the same music, who are their peers, no doubt, and we want to hear what you work.

This article shows how to connect your guitar or bass right on your computer to start sharing your musical talents with the music Internet community worldwide. We are assuming you have an electric guitar, bass guitar or acoustic guitar with a pickup truck.


Turn on your computer and look around the back of it. You should see a mini-jack for headphones walkman style in one of the steel shiny plates there. In fact, you should see 3 mini jacks. If you look closely, showed little images next to them. This is an image of a microphone, is a picture of headphones, and another image that some people do not know what it is. He who is not the headset microphone and not the line input. His guitar has a cable 1 / 4 inch is too big to fit in the mini headphone jack. Therefore, need an adapter to convert the plug a quarter inch mini-jack. You can find this kind of adapter into your local electronics store. In the U.S., Radio Shack is your best bet.

The three scenarios following that describe how to connect the camera to your computer.

Average Balance

This treatment: the guitar is supposed to be connected to the input line. But the guitar is not loud enough to play directly into a line input. So you put an effects pedal with volume control between the PC and your guitar. This way, you can give your guitar enough to increase the volume to hear on your PC.

situation Bad

If you do not stomp or something else to give a boost to your guitar volume low, then the line in the method works not. His guitar is too quiet. If this is the case, you must connect your guitar to the microphone in place. The guitar is too high for a microphone jack. So, turn the guitar down for it to burn properly. Yet it seems too good. Taken computer just does not make sense. However, it works.

An ideal situation

Ideally, this is what you do: get a mixer, plug your guitar into your amp, amplifier microphone in a soundproof room. Turn it up very loud. Mix your effects into the signal in the mixer, and plug the console line-out on the line for your computer. If you have all the equipment for this, I suggest you ask another question: a sound card quality study. These cards have improved circuits and software that dramatically improves the sound of their records and the flexibility of its system.

I hope this article has been useful for you and your music inspires and fills along a long and happy career. I also hope you will join an online community musicians and get the satisfaction that I am.

pedal steel guitar learning dvd