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play guitar v2.0
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Electric guitar (open to read more)?

(Im 15) I have a guitar 6string want to learn to play on 6sites ith "How to play the electric guitar!" Even those who helped me even .. I have this thing its so-called "electric guitar v2.0 … its not working for me …. we can not pay someone to help me, so I need advice! or something! nothing to do … this ever you have in mind plz tell me id really do with a head of time! (# 1 song I really want to know is Mario Bros): D sorry if this is a stupid question

so it will be very difficult, I think. I played for 3 years but has recently went to a teacher who taught me the way (real) right to play. I started it with a book that taught me the notes on the staff of the guitar. I think this is a book by Hal Lenoard, but I'm not sure. Then I'll get the tab: Basically, you need to know how to read labels. All I can say about them is that the notes of songs. you can see the names of the strings on each line of the tab. course, ranging from less than more e. The first part is as follows: e |—————————————- ——— ———–| ———— ——— |————————— B ———– ————| G |———————– D ————————–| |———- —— — 5 6 – ——– 7 —— 5 —– 6 —– 7 —–| A | – – ———————————- ————— ——–| E | -7 ——- 4 ——- 5 —— —— 7 —– 4 – – – 5 ————| what that means is that picking the E string 7th fret, then the fourth fret, then play the chain on the fifth fret, and so on. Looking at the numbers lines …. if there is a 4 on the low E string, this means that the chain of collection to the fourth slot. Sorry, I'm not very good to explain these things, but I hope it helps! : D

play guitar v2.0