Play Guitar Small Fingers

play guitar small fingers
Guitar Basics for Fat Fingers

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I need help pulling the toes so I can play guitar?

I played the guitar for almost two years – but the problem is, I am a person very short (about 5'2 ") with very small fingers – to play a few chords can be a little harder – For example, each time I cover a finger for more than 2 channels (for example, the string F) – no sound so clear – how can I make a clear sound? I need to stretch your fingers?

Guitarists tend to do exercises fingers so they can develop strength and speed. The problem that the user can have is that the fingers arent in the right place. If restriction of a rope (one finger, two strings) seems much more comfortable / easy, but you have to lower it more difficult to obtain the desired sound. If you use different fingers for different channels, make sure your fingers are bent and not touching the surrounding chains. It is also very important that the fingers are as close as possible to the hoop. (Metal band) Most closest to your finger, but not touching, pushing the barge. I also recommend, depending on what to play, having adjusted chains sit lower on the handle. If they are closer to the button, you'll realize that it is easier to play. Strings must not be over 4 or 4.5 mm Box 12 (on acoustic guitar) Stretch your fingers and do exercises will fingers harder to help, but it will help most is practice. Habits to unlearn any bad practice position and agreed that the fingers when you pick each string, every note is clear.

play guitar small fingers