Electric Guitar Tabs

electric guitar tabs
How to Play Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit : Power Chords on Electric Guitar

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How to read guitar tabs / partition?

I'm going to buy a guitar for me in a month and do not want to take classes if I want to teach myself to play and read music and fifth grade i played the saxophone and I could read music, but now I play the guitar Does anyone have an idea where to play please tell me!

The tags are easy! e ——————— <- b ———————- g first a chain — 7 ——————- ——————— —- ———————- ————— D — e <- 6th string This is a example of what it might look like. View 7 on the third string? He said you keep your finger on the third string, 7th fret. Catch you! here's a link for more information. http://guitar.about.com/library/blhowtoreadtab.htm

electric guitar tabs