Fastest Guitar Player Ever

fastest guitar player ever
Fastest 5 year old guitar player ever !

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anyone else ruins Zakk Wylde Ozzy?

There is no doubt that Zakk Wylde is a great guitarist prolly the best we have today, but man can not write songs and I like industrial rock, but that does not work for Ozzy. I mean I've been Albums watchin ozzy not sell less and less for many years. bls and will not everywhere, but could easily be the best rock band of today behind with Wylde guitar and a good singer .. there is a huge potential, but Zakk alone has the accent and it only serves to demonstrate that may be one of the greates guitarists ever, but if you do not have a great singer, his party is going nowhere. just look Wylde solo albums which are totally bombed .. feel free to disagree simply not be an @ ss on this

I think Zakk and Ozzy were probably the best game of the album No More Tears, but later joined the BLS, which began making music in a more industrial Ozzy sort of feeling. I think I had taken with his style of the nineties and early eight-play. Zakk is one of the best players out there, but his solo career has become his style gaming

fastest guitar player ever