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learn guitar classic
How to Play the Classical Guitar for Beginners : Learn the Malaguena for Classical Guitar

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Classical guitar is necessary in this case?

I want to learn to play electric guitar I can learn without learning the classical guitar before? Why do some people tell me I have to learn acoustic guitar before the electric guitar?

Do not worry. You can go directly to an electric guitar, if desired. If someone tells you that you * * For the first, then tell them to lose. It can sometimes be an advantage to learn at an early sound good. You will develop more strength in the fingers of one (steel string) as string acoustic are a little heavier and the action tends to be a little higher (strings are a little above the handle). Forget classical / nylon string guitars, except if you down the avenue like classical music, flamenco, jazz, singer-songwriter things easy, and so on. These guitars are much wider neck, the scale is different neck (ie, greater distance between the frets), the chains are different (nylon), and the action is higher. They are designed to be played finger style. People say you go with a first acoustic because A. That's what they did, and B. They have no idea what we speak. There are other advantages, of course, with acoustic guitars – one who does not need an amplifier. With an acoustic guitar, and perhaps choose a belt and a tuner, you're basically good to go 🙂

learn guitar classic