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learn guitar simply
While My Guitar Gently Weeps – George Harrison

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Well, I played music since I was a little kid. In recent years I have wanted to "seriously" learn to play guitar. I had one for many years, I can play, play all the songs simple beginners, but if it is very doubtful to play real music. I am also concerned about the poor learning habits that may limit my game (I know how this can be a problem playing the cello since he was 10 years old) in particular bad habits are hard to break. What is the best advice and can give guideance way to learn to play guitar properly. Did you just learn by ear suggestion? notes and learning outcomes? Online learning and using the method of cheating by looking at the strings before playing. What do you all think is the best long-term rather than short term to learn to play? Thank you!

If you are really serious about learning the guitar should be treated as a serious and take lessons. You must learn to read music and you must learn to play different styles of guitar. What will undoubtedly benefit for the more musically is that if you started taking guitar lessons. It will highlight all the basics of music, and it also what is learned here will help the Directorate when learning blues, folk, rock, jazz and other styles that you want. Treat it seriously, the use of at least one hour each day, and never lose your love of the instrument. It will be something that will benefit the rest of his life. Congratulations! You're in a great trip!

learn guitar simply