Lear How To Play The Guitar

lear how to play the guitar
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Saxophone dilema! need help S.O.S?

ok here is the question. i ahve no experience playing a saxophone, and i know the really really basics, i want to buy one, but the problem is that i haveno moeny for clases, do you know where in the fortlauderdale area near hollywood(this is south florida) or basically near that area y can find some one or a place where i can lear how to do it? im plannig to have not to much lessons and then buying a practice book do you any good book that migth help me? and do you no any program like guitar pro that teacht how to play guitar and show the songs and all that stuff in the desktop, similar but for saxophone?
ohh and i speak spanish and frech… any teacher can do good to me

I play the saxophone if FL, a good book to help get you started is called the “Standard of Excellence” By: Bruce Pearson. It should come with a CD that you can listen to, to help you learn good posture, tone, and fingerings to get you started..I used this my self and taught myself how to play after I was taught the clarinet by a teacher. Good Luck!!

lear how to play the guitar

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