Top Pedal Steel Guitar Players

top pedal steel guitar players
How to Play the Pedal Steel Guitar : Country Music on a Pedal Steel Guitar

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What a steel guitar or guitar playing style or posture more unique and why?

I think Stanley Jordan – playing only with tapping and to play as a pianist. Django Reinhardt – jazz legend 30 and 40. He was only using two fingers busy, but it became one of the 3 guitarists Jazz of all time first. (The other two fingers were paralyzed) Jeff Healey -. He is blind and plays the brilliant slide guitar on his knees like a pedal steel. Robert Randolph – pedal steel plays in an R & B / funk format, but it seems that Duane Allman. Junior Brown – Another player of the pedal steel is difficult to describe. It is especially in the kind of country.

It must be Reggie Wooten, brother of a famous bassist Wictor Wooten. Plays its start as a bass (slap and tap). In fact, his younger brother Wictor learned to play bass when he was 3 !!!!!!!!!!!! Wictor And of course -!. on Jimi Hendrix (he means ALL rock song, which is the best David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) is unreal His solos are improvisational, makes the most magical songs! Stay tuned good music, man!

top pedal steel guitar players