Guitar Instruction Software

guitar instruction software
Steppenwolf – Born to Be Wild guitar lesson by Mikes

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These are the bargains?

ok I'm selling a PS2 w / 7 Splinter Cell Ghost Recon 2 game Guitar Hero (without guitar) NBA Live 2005 NFL 2k5 March Madness 2005 Movie SpongeBob Grand Theft Auto Vice City pelliper see if a controller card blue 32MB of memory, I also sell some used PCP, like new condition for PSP and Madden NFL 06. a PSP screen protector from day one, additional screen protector still in the package. system includes the consumption of battery-cable adapter, headphones with joystick remote memory duo (32 MB) software boxes, record Original UMD-stock (the system and the game) is it too expensive or too cheap, I'll choose the best answer is both of these also trade for a decent for a Wii, I tried to sell them, but I was uncessesfull haha (can not explain) sorry i forgot to put the price they are $ 130 each and are worth more than just a Wii if they are good prices

I think both are better than the Wii. But it depends so if someone wants your stuff.

guitar instruction software