Translate To Play Guitar In Spanish

translate to play guitar in spanish

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translation in Spanish (official translation)?

I need help! Can someone help me translate these 15 sentences Spanish formal? (No slang, and online translators are not please:)) 1. My name is Xehel 2. I like playing tennis with my friends on Tuesday, 3. I love eating with my family 4. I love to read books during the 5 nights. I am tall with black hair and brown eyes 6. I do not like Working on weekends 7. I do not cook dinner 8. I am from Korea 9. I like going to the movies with my friends 10. I love playing the guitar and the piano every 11 days. I like playing video games with my friends for the weekend 12. the football game Monday Friends i 13. I like my Spanish course 14. I do not clean my house 15. I like to drink Coca-Cola

1) My name is my name Xehel Xehel O (they say, "I called, however, is rather formal. 2) I like playing tennis with my friends on Tuesday. 3) I want to eat food with my family. 4) I like to read books at night Duran. 5) High soybean / A negr0 with the hair and brown eyes. 6) I do not like homework week fines Duran. 7) I do not cook food. 8) I'm from Korea 9) I love going to movies (cinema) My Friends cons. 10) I play guitar and piano all day. Once) Basically I like / play playing video games with my friends on fines de Semana Duran. 12) Monday football game with my friends. 13) I like my Spanish classes. 14) I hate not clean my house. 15) I like to drink Coca-Cola. Tut, tut, "said his task.

translate to play guitar in spanish

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