Play Guitar Better

play guitar better
Can I play guitar better than Justin Bieber? (Set to 1080p)

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Teach me to play guitar better?

Been with my acoustic guitar and outside (not all, lol) for 3 years, and obviously havent made much progress. I know that all Maj / min and agreements can scrape enough songs I want to learn more.Scales progression.But good and all that. Where and how I do? I have an ear for music but I'm not a genius.

I picked up a guitar three years ago has also begun to play online cloud, I learned quite well the agreements (and barred all other maj / min). And I wondered what was next? If you are looking to learn scales found almost everything and get many hits with videos free for learn scale. My suggstions to get better is to start watching videos first teach for play songs (believe me if you find good assistance ITL). And then do everything to find a friend who plays, and personally taught him, there's nothing better. Another cool thing I made was downloaded burning software free played only opposite my computer. Then you can edit each part of it, loop as many patterns as you want, and add or delete parts. I made the guitar a bit more interesting and also hear you play.

play guitar better