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download how to play guitar acoustic

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How can I get all the fans of Iron Maiden in the world to hear my acoustic versions of their songs?

I am in the midst of a recording project every Iron Maiden song in acoustic version, I play all guitars, acoustic bass, vocals and all additional sounds I could imagine. I my site on numerous boards Maiden at about 8 different languages and have a MySpace site. Does anyone else have any idea how I can let the masses know it Maiden lover on my version? Indeed, the sites where you can listen to the songs are: (download) I hope you enjoy them and you might get some people in Maiden normally do not listen not because of their high level of decibels! 🙂

-Add your URL Links Iron Maiden in Wikipedia making meta tags for search engines Add Iron Maiden to your site MA ( a real domain (I sell them very cheap …)- Tell people by word of mouth. If it good I tell people when you tell people ect. Ect. (This is at least 400 additional visits per week) -Message/Bulletin rooms are a waste of time! (You will receive 20 visits max!)

download how to play guitar acoustic