How To Play Guitar Hero On Ps3

how to play guitar hero on ps3
Guitar Hero 5 First Play & Review on the Sony PS3

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How do I connect to a PS3 or a PS2 Guitar Controller on a PC?

How can I play Guitar Hero: World Tour on PC with gamepad guitar PS3 or PS2.

Well first, you must buy a PC version of Guitar Hero 4. Once you have the game you can plug your guitar, but his first guitar should be recognized by the computer. The only guitar that can be recognized by the right PC to the browser box guitar Xbox. But if you are like me and guitars have play station, you must run an external program. I make video tutorials on YouTube and I made this video for a while teach people how to communicate any browser guitars for the PC: Please check and if it helped you to sign up:) If you have further questions, please send an email or IM me at: hopes to help!

how to play guitar hero on ps3