Best Bass Guitar Players Ever

best bass guitar players ever
Best electric guitar bass player ever

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Have you ever wanted once again to rock?

In 2004 or 2003, I loved the rap for some reason. Especially since in the past I can not believe I liked the music of Radio Disney. I also loved classical and jazz, before I liked rock and jazz from me leads to the rock, because my best friend, bassist, has always played a lot of rock songs on his double bass and sometimes guitar (guitarist was there and has nothing) and play a few songs. I seriously miss my days as the pianist for the jazz band back in my school days average. It was fun then. Everything you want to admit even if it's a little embarrassing? Whenever I can find the right answers, I will ask the question.

I listen to rap and still do, but I listen mostly to underground rappers like Talib Kweli and MF Doom. In fact the new Method Man & Redman album Blackout 2 is an excellent best rap album I've heard in awhile.

best bass guitar players ever