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guitar instructor
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Interested in learning guitar – any good advice?

I was always interested in learning to play the guitar. But with a hectic schedule, I found it difficult to find a good guitar teacher and the time to sit for lessons. He wondered if the people of Yahoo can offer advice and tips on learning guitar. Thank you. "

Gary, learning the guitar as a musical instrument, requires patience and commitment over time. I can understand it more difficult for adults to learn to play an instrument with a busy schedule. I was more or less like you've always wanted to learn to play and never had the chance. So finally, Last October, I started researching online guitar learning course. I found tons of free resources online free I will (only keywords such as Google, etc. free guide to guitar strings). So I was able to choose and use a lot of resources Free online. One of these resources helped me as they have free training videos guitar and many free tools for learning guitar: I hope this helps …..

guitar instructor