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play guitar a practical guide
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Epiphone guitar for a beginner (80 Heavy Metal sound)?

I worked for years they never get to do what I've always wanted to do is play guitar. I recently made a career change, now has plenty of time to me and I want nothing more than spending my time and life to play the guitar has always been my dream for long life. So for a start (noob lol) just want what I receive, in terms of guitars, amps, choose ups, videos and lessons. Need a guide here. I'm more on the practical side of things, not a theory, the example that I find it easier when I teach people to do instead of reading it in books, etc. I can not pay school fees for the moment because I'm saving for a guitar very well. Guitar advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Epiphone cousin as a good choice for a good price. I listen to heavy metal music and rock like Judas Priest, Guns & Roses, especially 80 hard rock, its cousin the music they listen to develop.

Personally, I'm a Fender Stratocaster, but Epiphone guitars are great … just a little heavy for my taste. You should be able to get a kit with a low-end Epiphone Fender or guitar, amplifier, cable, case and the "how" of DVD under $ 200 and under $ 500 if you have a little guitar bigger and better. You can save money to buy a starter kit with some use for someone who is willing to negotiate a lover of ax in the range of $ 500.

play guitar a practical guide