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Is there an Internet video showing how to play bass Kickstart My Heart?

Estoy buscando a video de instrucción en línea Free someone who plays the bassist of Motley Crue "Kickstart My Heart", so you can see and learn to play. Can anyone tell me? I tried to "youtube" where I found other videos, but so far I can not find something for this song. Thank you,

You can watch it on youtube.com or sometimes I do instead of going on a video ultimate guitar.com | So if you know how read / e |——————————– – ———– ——————————–| B |—- ———– ——————————— G —————- ————| |———— 4 —— ——————————————- ——- ——-| D |——– 3 ———————— ——- ————————————| A |—- 2 ——————————————- —————————-| E | -2 —————– ————————————————– ill tell u how ——-| read this example: e tiny (less than or 6 strings) to his second fret 6th string easy

learn to play guitar video free