Blues Guitar Scales

blues guitar scales
BL-012 • Blues Lead Guitar #2 Scales (

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The best blues guitarist for the "top" and guitarist middleman?

Hey guys, I play the guitar for a while now and for a long time, I delved into the world of blues without problems, scales, riffs, melodies, etc. After a good session there a while, I concluded that the blues is really what I like to play that music is something that comes naturally. I saw a lot of work done with the blues in many guitars. For example, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Epiphone Les Paul / SG s and stratocaster classic (or copies thereof, even). There are many options in fact, could be a while before deciding. Thus, people, experienced players, making it recommend based on experience? If possible, obtain more information. Humbucker> Single Coil? Or vice versa? Fat Start <Gibson '70 's?

I agree the ES 335. This guitar is sweet. What style of blues I like to play? If I wanted to play some 30's old blues, you'll probably want an acoustic guitar. If you want to play some blues style of the 50 T-Bone Walker and Lowell Fulson, you probably want some sort of giant hollow body guitar. If you want to play blues rock electric 60s, you may want something with humbuckers, Gibson Les Paul or SG. The good thing about the Gibson ES 335 is that it can cover most blues styles. Get a good warm tone in the 50s style blues melodies, and can handle the 60 heavy style, without feedbacking that only half hollow.

blues guitar scales