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learn guitar easily for free

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guitar pieces that i could play?

any good guitar pieces that i could play? i am a very very very very beginner, but i’m an extreamly fast leaner so i want to play something that has a tune to it. i play acoustic but i would like to play electric songs. anything good i can play easily but has sort of like a famous tune to it (likah stairway of heaven, life is a highway, i dunno, a beatles or queens song??)

also, could anyone suggest a good site to learn guitar for free? thanks

Well first of all you gotta learn to play Guitar Chords, after that, this is what tunes I’ve started to rock on to:

P.S. I only play beginning guitar riffs:

All the small things – blink-182
Smells like teen spirit – nirvana
knocking on heavens door – bob dylan
Dream On – aerosmith
stairway – led zep
santeria – sublime
sweet child o’ mine – guns n roses

These are all pretty easy. Good Luck!

Oh, i forgot a great site is this…
Just type any song you want and you’ll learn it 4 free.

learn guitar easily for free