Play Guitar Along With Cd

play guitar along with cd
Iron Maiden “The Trooper” guitar solo

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PLEASE few fundraising ideas that I can do?

My father started a fundraiser to raise money for my sister's wedding. Hes playing the guitar and selling CDs to raise some. He asked me to think of things for sale, as well as on CD table. I thought the candles (do not know if I can get it if someone can help me maybe make wax?) Rosewood (I have all the birch I is not good for making chips), chocolate (I do not have cocoa beans, but I cocoa powder, all I can do that?) and no more. Any idea? Thank you for! <3

Just go into your house and do things you do not want and sell it. I do this on a large scale. I take things from both the market and not always flexible hot cabin through the main entrance. If I take something Again, sometimes I go home broke as Nice watches, and jewelry, CDs, etc. But when I get a load of scrap metal, used items that can make 500 $ Saturday. People like to feel they are treated. + With new things, think about it. How many people really want to buy a candle or something? Probably not much. With the material used allows a wide variety. I mean, here's what to do if you want something money for his wedding sisters. Even go to thrift stores and I find things to sell. I pay 0.25 for something and sell it for $ 10 at the flea market.

play guitar along with cd