Greatest Blues Guitar Players Ever

greatest blues guitar players ever
Adis – in the style of Eric Johnson – blues guitar player

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I am a CPA of 52 years and I am the best blues harmonica player living on the planet today.?

I am also a great funk guitar blues rock, and I have the unique ability to play guitar and harmonica, while no one ever in the history of music. I three music videos "You tube." Just type my name, and select "other work" for the other two .. The question is how I can spend one full timer music full-time person, get someone important in the music industry to part of my career … and also keep my marriage alive if that is the question … any help is appreciated, Eddie Chance

You make money. Buy equiptment. Demonstrations. Producers willing to approach Drop CD on the market right now or do it yourself. Get a TV Time for a contest or otherwise. Look for events they want talent, but not pay, but being on television. Become news worthy. As for his wife. unrelated to beingsuccessful. You can lose your marriage to start a new career. Be honest with her and establish a schedule do something. Stick to your agreement and you should be fine. Incidentally, you do a book for musicians, for example? There are clues and leads to find reports on expenditures and tax returns. Discover what they are doing to same thing.

greatest blues guitar players ever