Guitar Play Along Books And Cds

guitar play along books and cds
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Where can I find good online guitar lessons?

Well, I taught guitar and bass for a little over half year. There are no teachers anywhere near me. The closest would probably be more than an hour. Payment for lessons and gas would be too. I have to find a good online course to learn the right way. Like something you books, videos, dvd / cd / downloadable lessons. is something other than youtube style learning in other words, not only to watch a video, but a book to work. I looked around to find a guitar from a college, but I'm not sure. If someone could please recommend other websites that would be fantastic. In short I like movies with a teacher and a book of some sort of play with a visual element. I'm not good with only purchasing a "how to play guitar" books that I can get most of youtube as books. Sorry for the long explanation … : / Thanks for the suggestions! : D this site is great gives lessons from persons
guitar play along books and cds