Lap Steel Guitar Playing Instructions

lap steel guitar playing instructions
Bill Asher Lap Steel Guitar demo – the Ben Harper Series II

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Why should you build a Weissenborn slide guitar

Hello! Terry Buddell again ……..
I just wanted a few questions about toanswer Weissenborn slide guitar, steel back, I built a few months ago using only simple hand tools while living on my boat! I had a lot Questions about this guitar and thought I would take the time to thoroughly explain why if you are considering building a guitar is an excellent first time how to cut your teeth because it is easy to build compared to an acoustic guitar with a very special form of the neck and demanding complete and accurate box space

As some of you know I also built a website that features slide guitar, lap steel and a number of interest all things about the fascinating world of slide guitar. For those of you who are interested in the guitar was built from a change in the plans of a Weissenborn Style 2, 1920 using maple and Australia, the only difference is that I have the original neck 2.5 inches instead of the depth and body 1.5inch 4.5 inches instead of 2.5 inches … the sound is magnificent, as is the volume and rich tones … do if his weissy good?

I wrote a series of articles published on the Web in a few places and there is a whole world of information to discover not free! the sound is absolutely fantastic and no one was more surprised me I had taken years to start the courage to begin the development a guitar and basically do not know what he was concerned! Choosing Wood, Australia Arce had much to do with good results and is not really surprising, because maple is a cousin of the famous Koa wood that most guitars are built from slides.

I also the body of the guitar much deeper than the original style of two planes and worked about two inches wide. Plans are on CD-ROM and you can get the plan printed on paper A1 or CO architects .. there's probably much easier to work for most people. All bases are instructions, step by step and everything is explained carefully, taking into account the fact that for many will build its first guitar. Why Weissenborn slide guitar as a first build? Well, somehow, is cheating, because, as most people are aware, the chains do not play, but the fingers of left alone with a glass or steel or brass slides

Therefore, if the dishes were very little space is in fact what tends to really notice! that never get away with it in a proper acoustic guitar, where you play chords with your fingers!
Basically, I have also written a book entitled How to build a Weissenborn and took the plans and are available for sale on my website, where you can also hear a soundclip of the guitar! Cheers for now … see outside for more advice articles and free advice on building your own slide guitar for a fraction of the cost!

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lap steel guitar playing instructions

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