How To Learn Guitar Video

how to learn guitar video

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How long does it take to learn electric guitar?

So, I'm a teenage boy aged 14 years who are looking for to buy an electric guitar (go learn launched videos and books) that I wondered how long would it take to get the hang of it?

The music written for acoustic and electric is the same. The big difference is the technique of play Learning to read music is hard if you do not music background. And it helps to learn to play guitar a little too hard. However, you can learn to play without knowing how to read music. It This is called "playing to hear." Many people do. It's fun. but unprofessional. And if you play only as a hobby and for fun I recommend you buy a cheap used electric guitar. Nothing too luxury. Learn more about it and then decide to go further. It would be a shame to spend $ on an instrument, then give it every few weeks.

how to learn guitar video