How To Play Guitar Suspended Chords

how to play guitar suspended chords
How to Play a Twelve String Guitar : How to Play Suspended Chords on a Twelve String Guitar

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How to play A7sus4 agreement on the guitar?

I know how to play a a7, but I do not understand the sus4. I know it means that your stay and game room, but what does the note and how to play?

Nobody answered the real question. I'll try. Here's your level A: A – BC # – DE – F # – G is a major chord is C # EA her 7 ยบ C # DG suspended fourth is to take the third note, C # and substituting the fourth score, D, therefore, is its ADEG A7sus4. His name is suspended due to essentially hangs above the third note is missing, C #. However, if you add C # new line is this: C # EGD is technically a string of 11, because the D is footnote 11 on the scale, can not be in fourth position because the third is already there. So if you see a graph showing a C # in a A7sus4 wrong.

how to play guitar suspended chords