Play Guitar With The Beatles 3

play guitar with the beatles 3
ST-200 Yesterday, Beatles 1/3 (Guitar Lesson)

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Hofner Bass Guitar does not work with Rock Band Bundle Beatles again?

I bought the rock band The Beatles last night, but the guitar that accompanies not work. The strange thing is that it works with Rock Band 3. When the Beatles Rock Band, the color of the light screen buttons when pressed and makes a sound when I touch it, but when I do it for a song, acting like I'm missing the note. But I'm not next of note, I am struck dead. I also calibrated.

Does not sound like the guitar that is the problem. If the buttons light up the screen, then you should be able to pull the notes. Try to recalibrate guitar. If this fails, try to calibrate manually. If all else fails, return it! So if you have another guitar or drums, try to play these and see if you can not play the notes with them.

play guitar with the beatles 3