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learn guitar in 1 day
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how long on average does it take to learn electric guitar?

I only mine two days ago ….. I love it! I hurt to get my fingers on this right, it takes forever! I want to be waiting enouph good to be in a band that makes records and stuff ………… I practice an hour every night since I got it how long do you think it will take me to learn, to be so good? advice?

Could take several months to years, depending on how much you practice. To say tuth does not take long to recover and play a bunch of songs you hear on the radio time to practice much. I also advise to get a teacher. My teacher was someone I knew who played guitar, and ended up being a great teacher. My teacher advised me to go online and start trying to learn the labels songs they know, that really helped you already know the intro to Sweet Home Alabama and has started a couple of weeks. I also downloaded a software called PowerTab editor, which is very impressive, but a little hard to download, but this site has really helped: http://www.power-tab.net/getarticle.php?id=99 can follow the link above, or simply go to http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ and search for your words of energy labels songs filter on the top bar says the research results, and choose a song. When the screen has a gray area that says Please note that you must have Power Tab software installed on your computer to view this file. The word will be installed on a hyperlink and click it. Find the link that says install PowerTab editor. It is a complete set of instructions on how to install it. When you are finished go to Ultimate guitar.com and search for files you want, but be sure to feed the paper if I can not work. Arriving on the screen as before tab by clicking the hyperlink in the gray box, scroll down the left blue box and click Download "…………" PowerTab prompted to save or open. Click Save. Then open the software PowerTab editor (who must have a custom tab in white) and click Open and locate the file you downloaded should be there. this is probably confusing, but if you take the time to download the software will be worth your time.

learn guitar in 1 day