Martin Guitar Playing Videos

martin guitar playing videos
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I'm looking to buy an acoustic guitar and I'm not sure what the make and model I want. (Read Info)?

I play a lot and I like the blues well the sound of a really deep sound on the low E. I do not like the metallic sound of a Taylor i played recently. like the sound of a player in Hendrix's "hear my train is coming" video, but not the chain 12 and slightly metallic to me. I saw a guy on youtube playing a Martin 00017 and I think really liked the sound of it. Any ideas? Battleship option is obviously i do not want any of these small acoustic p =

Hello, Here is a link to the user comments for Martin guitar at Harmony Central. Martin made a great noise. I've always been fond of Gibson. Love old Hummingbird. But it may be a bit tinny to your taste. You can try some of the other acoutic Gibson before establishing the Martin. Later

martin guitar playing videos

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