Michael Jackson Guitar Player This Is It

michael jackson guitar player this is it
Michael Jackson-Drill dance This is it + They dont care about us

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Is it me or most of our black people successful?

I'm not trying to sound racist, but let's see here .. when Today people think, success (sports, entertainment, politics) all you have: Our President, Barack Obama, of course, the success interview more – Oprah Winfrey most successful guitarist Jimi Hendrix, the most successful wrtier Maya Angelou poetry, the most successful artist, Michael Jackson, the best golfer Tiger Woods, the best actor Poite Sydney, Will Smith, the best basketball player ever – Michael Jordan's best fighter – Muhammad Ali and the list goes on of course Sports, roughly the top my head. but it does not seem that way?

I agree that the best artists are black.

michael jackson guitar player this is it