How To Play Guitar Flamingo

how to play guitar flamingo
How to Play Flamenco Guitar Made Easy Instructional lesson

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How is the game I play is called?

I remember that consists of various episodes, as follows: You find a note on the table, saying to go to a channel called Travel Channel. First, you must activate this channel, and once he did, you'll see a picture a range of flamenco in her. Then, they were absorbed into the TV and you're on the beach. After a lot of things, it ends in a forest where a tree house. This tree house is a sick man (I think called Tommy). The guitar plays in the background. I do not remember what happened after. Something the destruction of the antenna seems to me … EDIT: It is not Mass Effect 2, was an online game. EDIT2: For a moment I thought it was Myst did, but I talk about a game for free online. I also had to pick up objects. Oh, and reproduced in the present.

which is not a mass effect 2, but it sounds like something the creators of this bizarre game "Myst"

how to play guitar flamingo