Guitar Play Along Cd

guitar play along cd
16Bar Blues / play along track / Gibson cs es/ blues guitar / jam track

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Learn Bass Guitar?

I am a musician with experience and I am learning the bass guitar. After learning the basics of my instructor I have to bring your CD to play with. There are technical things or others that I ask him to teach me? I know it's a simple, but do not know I asked him to teach me beyond the basics.

My instructor I make him a recording of some of my favorite songs (Including technical and often suddenly pop) and has been very helpful. Then I learned to play Infectious Grooves and Jane Addiction. As an experienced musician, it is important to learn the notes you play against the tablature. It's more work, but long-term assistance. That said, be sure to learn songs together and learn songs of the two bass lines simple and complicated. Blood Magic Red Hot Learning Chillipeppers' Sugar Sex will teach you almost all the techniques known to man. Slap and pop is the key. I also recommend learning many classic albums that use the same scale at all (so they start picking up in the slot). Albums coming to mind are Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon and Rage Against the Machine record first. Drop D also know and use different notes. Alice in Chains Jar of Flies / Sap crazy to start Drop D songs. The most important thing is to stick to what you like. You do not have problems with attention deficit in learning only half or major song riffs.

guitar play along cd