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What difference does this kind of guitar pick?

I play the electric guitar, like puttin there. Furthermore, it would think of me if I wanted to rush back and get a good sound?

Hello, I agree with the answer above his peers, but only to a point. But I have a different opinion. I think the media selection would be better for a beginner. Probably more versatile throughout, and easier to learn to maintain them properly. Something along the lines of a style of 351. And without doubt, with an average thickness. After learning, then you can try to switch to other shapes and thicknesses. As for me, "I can still play 351. Introduction in which more than 45 years. Despite now play with 0.96 or 1.20 up media thickness. Over the years I have tried several ways as I can remember. Most do not remember. Only I enjoyed the most (351) or really disliked (the large triangle amd any selection of fine). I think you'll see that it almost a matter of personal preference. Later

play guitar picks