50 Greatest Acoustic Guitar Players

50 greatest acoustic guitar players
andrew winton playing his best acoustic guitar solo

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What a good group to learn the songs?

I am a guitarist advanced intermediate, and want to find good songs to learn by single band that specializes in mostly blues and classic rock, maybe roll a bit of funk and rock n '. Also a mixture songs on acoustic guitar and electric would be great. I have a peavey tube watts 50 amps, an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, a Spanish guitar, ibanez acoustic and electrical.

For more rock than blues go with ZZ Top. If you like the blues to rock to go with the original lineup of Fleetwood Mac, anything with Peter Green on guitar. The first Rolling Stones are too large. Were nothing more than a bar band playing blues covers in his first three albums. You can not go wrong with The Allman Brothers, Clapton, or if they are more rock than pure blues. The latter would be Stevie Ray Vaughan. He taught a new generation of guitarists to play blues.

50 greatest acoustic guitar players